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The hotel was established in Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture, where it will soon mark its 100-year anniversary.
Long ago, Koga flourished as an inn town used by pilgrims traveling to the ancient Nikko Toshogu Shrine, as it linked Edo with the Northern Kanto and Kanto regions. It thrived as a castle town that grew up around Koga Castle, with vestiges from those days still to be found in the area around the hotel. Today, the city can be accessed in about 70 minutes via a direct train from Tokyo, and offers a convenient place to stay in the course of one’s travels.
Hotel Sansui features a Japanese restaurant and a garden that was built in the Taisho Period, and offers both Western and Japanese rooms for lodgers.
Here, you can enjoy a wide variety of Japanese cuisines in a leisurely manner amidst a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Our staff offers concerted, devoted service and hospitality to ensure that you enjoy your stay with us.
We await your arrival.


You can enjoy your overnight stay in rooms of various different styles. We offer rooms with single and twin beds, as well as Japanese rooms with traditional tatami mats. Each style of room varies in size, so please be sure to reserve your room of choice. Wi-Fi connectivity is available throughout the entire hotel.

  • Western rooms
  • Western-style room
  • Our Western rooms are equipped with comfortable beds. The single rooms feature a semi-double bed or a double bed, allowing you to lie down to sleep with room to spare. The rooms also feature a desk, making them convenient for working at your PC.
  • Japanese rooms
  • Japanese-style room
  • We offer Japanese rooms that give lodgers a real feel for Japan. Here, you can relax in Japanese-style bedding. They are furnished with a complete lineup of facilities, including a television and refrigerator, allowing you to spend time there in comfort.
Room types (Japanese page)


The Hotel Sansui features a restaurant that lies at the root of our operations, allowing visitors to savor a genuine taste of Japan during their stay here. The restaurant offers a menu brimming with variety, featuring everything from magnificent gozen set meals featuring various different small dishes that are beautiful to behold, to mini kaiseki meals in which kaiseki (or traditional course meals) are arranged in a simple style. We encourage you to savor the cuisine, which will surely provide you with memories of your stay in Japan.


Here, you can enjoy a relaxing dining experience as you gaze out over our elegant Japanese garden. Perfect for groups of families or friends, as well as for business meetings.

  • Cuisine of Restaurant Suginami
  • Cuisine of Restaurant Suginami
  • Lunch
  • Lunch cuisine
  • Restaurant SUGINAMI offers a traditional menu of popular gourmet cuisine that includes rice steamed in wooden baskets and dishes cooked in steaming baskets made with fresh ingredients. It offers a wealth of variety, including foods like mountain vegetables, seafood, and pork stews. The restaurant also offers set menus that allow guests to enjoy a traditional taste of Japan.
  • Dinner
  • Dinner cuisine
  • For dinner, the restaurant offers gozen set meals that include a variety of main dishes like tempura, sashimi, and nigirizushi along with an assortment of various Japanese menu items that have been carefully prepared one by one. In addition, other course dishes and our delicious curry udon are also available. We also offer set menus for dinner.
Menu (Japanese page)


Access map by train

When arriving by train

Access map by train
JR Tohoku Shinkansen
Tokyo Station → Oyama Station (About 40 minutes) → Transfer to the JR Utsunomiya Line at Oyama Station → Koga Station (About 15 minutes)
JR Utsunomiya Line 
Tokyo Station → Koga Station (About 70 minutes) / Utsunomiya Station → Koga Station (About 40 minutes)
* About an 8-minute walk from the West Exit of the JR Koga Station
Tobu Line 
Asakusa Station → Shin-Koga Station (About 60 minutes) / Tobu-Nikko Station → Shin-Koga Station (40 minutes)
* About 5 minutes by car from Tobu Shin-Koga Station

When arriving by car

Tohoku Expressway
About 20 minutes from the Tatebayashi IC
About 25 minutes from the Kazo IC
About 30 minutes from the Kuki IC
* Fully equipped with a large parking lot that can accommodate 50 vehicles